Restoration of the Winter Garden, Palace of Dukes of Frias.

Location: Berlanga de Duero, Soria (Spain).
Collaborators: Álvaro A. Calvo Acuña y Mª Victoria García Martínez.
Project: Restoration of the Winter Garden, Palace of Dukes of Frias, Berlanga de Duero, Soria.
Dates: 2017
Surface: 970 m²
Client: Junta de Castilla y León.
Description: The Palace’s gardens of Dukes of Frias built during the 16th and 17th centuries, are still to be found in their original layout covering the steep slope of the monumental walled enceinte. The Gardens, structured in six stepped terraces, allowed impressive views into the surrounding countryside.
The Winter Garden is located on the lower part of the slope, in a sunken space as regards the other gardens and thus making it singularly different from them. Current research and restoration interventions are taking place in this garden as regards masonry consolidation and an archaeological campaign that has revealed interesting data about this unique space. Within these findings stand out the nymphaeum and its fountain basin, which has been sheltered; the remains of a circular fountain, different hydraulic conductions and the balustrade that topped the perimeter garden wall.