Eco Parque de la Gavia – Water Spirals

Location: The Ensanche neighbourhood, Vallecas, Madrid.
Collaborators: Octavio Marrao, José Luis Ferreria, Bruno Baldaia y David Cordeiro (coauthors), Ainhoa Pérez, Victoria Urízar
ProjectTender for Architectural Ideas. Eco Park La Gavia -Water Spirals, 2003
Dates: Presented in 2003
Surface: 70.000 m2
Client: Empresa Municipal de la Vivienda, Ayuntamiento de Madrid.
Description: Competition for which Citerea proposed a park in constant evolution based on a process of water purification and its incorporation to the Gavia river. The intervention was conceived as a complex territorial system related to a natural matrix of ecologic, topographic, hydrographical climatic, vegetal and zoological conditions rather than being circumscribed to a specific territorial administration.

Water Spirals. Parque de la Gavia